Staffordshire UK – 03 September 2020

Argo mrt sign lease return services deal with flydocs

Argo MRT go from strength to strength, now with asset transition capability, using the FLYdocs platform

    Published Dec 8, 2020

    Argo MRT, having recently acquired FAO Services, the EASA Part 145 Approved company, has appointed FLYdocs to support its end-of-lease (EOL) return services to be used in conjunction with Argo MRT teams globally. FLYdocs will be Argo MRT’s records platform of choice for all future projects.

    Through the services provided by FLYdocs, Argo MRT will benefit from more efficient aircraft transitions powered by the market-leading FLYdocs Records Management Platform.

    Michael Pilbrow, Head of Powerplant at Argo MRT said:

    “This important partnership with FLYdocs will deliver a wide range of benefits, helping to enhance both the inspection and records review part of our business model. We selected FLYdocs because they have a spotless track record of managing and meeting end-of-lease requirements. Even under the current global pandemic, they have demonstrated their commitment to supporting clients adapt to challenging market conditions. This ethos supports our own as we are prioritising efficiencies for our clients, so we are confident that this collaboration will yield significant savings in both cost and time for all stakeholders."

    About Argo MRT

    Argo Mobile Repair Team, specialists in composite and metallic repairs and now proud owners of FAO Services limited, an EASA Part 145 Approved borescope inspection company, offer a range of niche, on-wing, inspection and repair services. Using the FLYdocs platform, our team of highly experienced and dedicated aircraft maintenance professionals offer a seamless, “one-stop-shop”, for lease return services and maintenance records review.

    About FLYdocs

    FLYdocs is a global solutions company helping the aviation industry to enhance fleet airworthiness, protect asset value, and to be transition-ready at the push of a button.

    The FLYdocs’ team, with their unrivalled real-world expertise, help our clients to improve processes and drive time and cost efficiencies through digital aircraft records management. They are empowered by the FLYdocs® platform, a centralised online system, which provides internal and authorised third parties with instant access to millions of approved aircraft records for compliance verification.

    FLYdocs® transforms complex unstructured data into industry-standard formats; and through integration with existing ERP/M&E systems, it automates and streamlines record builds, to provide our clients with the right information exactly when they need it, resulting in compliance on demand, simplified end-of-lease transfers and real-time asset management.

    FLYdocs Commercial and Marketing Director, John Bowell also commented:

    “As an organisation, we have a strategic intent to become the Supplier of Choice across our aviation industry. We are delighted to be supporting the Argo MRT team with a digital records driven approach to all their end-of-lease returns. This coupled with our engineering expertise should provide a high quality and value-adding experience throughout this partnership.”

    Argo MRT sign lease return services deal with FLYdocs.

    For more information, please contact:

    Stephen Todd

    Head of Fleet Support and Asset Management

    Argo MRT