Remote Visual Inspection

Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspections

Protect your aircraft engines and reduce ground-time with our aircraft engine borescope inspections.

Get a complete picture of your aircraft engine

Our aircraft engine borescope inspections, sometimes referred to as remote visual inspection, provide a complete picture of the internal condition of aircraft gas-turbine engines.

Pixel Perfect Picture

We use the latest Mentor Visual iQ video borescope from GE - The world’s first ruggedly portable, HD and 3D measurement-enabled video borescope system with unparalleled advanced detection.

Don't miss a thing

Industrial endoscopes allow us to inspect every part of the engine without needing to strip it.

Get quick results

We can complete inspections without needing to remove the engine from the wing, saving time and money.

Full report included

We provide a full video recording of the inspection and a written report detailing the health of your engine.

Leave no stone unturned

Our aircraft engine borescope inspections get right into the heart of your engine, and we use official maintenance data to improve the accuracy of our visual inspections.

Boroblend repair

If we discover out of limit damage to an HP compressor blade or LPT blade during our inspection, we can perform an in-situ boroblend repair of the damage. This is preferable to a costly engine shop visit or top-case repair - which can result in EGT margin degradation of up to 10%

How can we help?

We are conveniently based 10 minutes from Manchester International Airport and the UK motorway network.

Should you have an AOG aircraft with any engine problem requiring a borescope inspection, such as a bird strike or high EGT; we can be on site, anywhere in the world in minimal time!

For the end of lease, pre-purchase, and redelivery of your engines; our highly experienced technicians perform a full inspection of every LP and HP compressor stage, the combustion chamber, NGV's, HP turbine, LPT NGV's and LP turbines. An HD video recording and detailed report will be provided to complete your asset transition.

Our technicians are all qualified and experienced aircraft engineers. We have a wealth of experience working in the airline environment.

We are therefore best placed to carry out your scheduled hot section inspections or HSI, because we understand how safety and time critical any inspection and the interpretation of maintenance data can be when operating aircraft are on maintenance inputs.

We have the tooling and capability to carry out AD's, SB's such as rotor to stator contact inspection (J-Hook); HPC rotor path inspection; HPT Shroud Inspection; HPC locking lugs or LPT interlock shrouds..

Borescope inspection is perhaps the most useful tool in the box, when an engine has an ongoing defect or event such as high EGT, high oil consumption, volcanic ash ingestion or magnetic chip detector activation. We can quickly be onsite to assist ensuring that your aircraft is safely operational again.

In addition to our inspection services, we can supply an on-site rep for borescope overview, witnessing an engine change, MPA (HP engine ground run), QEC inventory and records review.

Video: This is an RB211 HP compressor, stage 3 rotorpath liner inspection for a lease return engine, that we recently carried out. This is a very tricky job, that takes a lot of skill and patience! Our team were able to carry out the inspection, on time, to ensure seamless asset transition!

Video: Another example of a tricky inspection. This is a recent AOG borescope inspection, of the HP turbine on a reverse annular-flow engine! Our AOG response team were on site, within hours of receiving the call, to assist the MRO declare the aircraft serviceable and promptly return it to service!

Engine Borescope Approvals

CFM International







General Electric




International Aero Engines


Engine Borescope Approvals


AS907 (HTF7000)


Pratt & Whitney

PW100 Series


Rolls Royce



RB211 Trent 700.

RB211 Trent 1000

BR700-710 Series (Pearl)



APU Borescope Approvals

Allied Signal (Honeywell)



AS 131-9

Garrett GTCP 331-200.





APS 1000T-62T-46C12

HPC and LPT Boroblend Approvals



GE CF34-3/8/10

IAE V2500

Component Ratings

C4 Doors and Hatches

ATA 52

C6 Equipment

ATA 25 & 38

C7 Engine and APU Component removal & inspection

ATA 49, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83

C8 Flight Controls

ATA 27, 55, 57.40, 57.50, 57.60, 57.70

Component Ratings

C10 Helicopter-Rotors

ATA 62-64-66-67

C18 Protection Ice/Fire/Rain

ATA 26-30

C20 Structural

ATA 53, 54, 57.10, 57.20, 57.30

Approved all over the world

We are an EASA Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation. Subject to satisfactory engine borescope inspections, this allows us the privilege of certifying the work we have carried out using EASA Form-1.

  • UK Approval: UK.145.01427
  • EU Approval: EASA.UK.145.01427
  • FAR-145: FAA FSLY857D (Pending)

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