Aircraft Inspection & Records Reviews

Handover aircraft with confidence, with physical inspections and maintenance record reviews completed by the experts.

Undertake asset transition with confidence

Our experienced engineers are ready to help you complete all of your handover checks and due diligence.

Advanced Data and Records Management

We use FLYdocs®️, the very best digital aircraft records platform on the market.

Detailed aircraft and engine physical inspection surveys are crucial to any transition. Our aircraft inspectors are all highly experienced Licenced Aircraft Engineers, with a wealth of experience working in the commercial airline environment.

By compiling a complete set of digital "back to birth" records and cross referencing with the physical survey, our team efficiently verify compliance with regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction of import. This means that your leased aircraft can be returned or redelivered on time!

We assist with aircraft or engine pre-purchase inspections and records review.

Our expert engineers will inspect your aircraft structure for damage or wear as well as a detailed inventory of components such as engine QEC, avionic LRU's or ETOPS compliant components.

Being independent, our inspectors offer a fair and unbiased assessment of the asset(s). Our outreach is global and we are capable of performing these tasks on any commercial or business aircraft.

Prior to or as a part of the title transfer of both new and used aircraft, we can conduct the physical acceptance inspection in accordance with the aircraft acceptance program.

If purchasing an aircraft from a manufacturer, our engineers can carry out your acceptance inspection of the baseline aircraft, also known as the green aircraft, so that title transfer may occur. We also offer inspection after the completion services (customization) have concluded and the aircraft is at final delivery.

A repossession can be much more challenging when compared to a normal aircraft transition.

Our team have extensive experience in both civil and military settings, which prepares us for the various possible scenarios and challenges that can be faced, when called upon to manage an aircraft repossession on behalf of a Lessor or an owner.

If damage or undocumented repairs are found, during the course of any aircraft physical inspection survey, our parent company, Argo MRT, are the best in class provider of composite and metallic aircraft repair services.

Argo MRT have global outreach, with offices in the UK, Canada and Singapore.

If you need an on-site representative for a maintenance input, lease-handback check or engine changes, we have experienced licenced engineers available, to support your requirements globally.

Comply with handover conditions

Avoid breach of contract by ensuring your aircraft is in an acceptable state before completing the handover.

Leave no stone unturned

We review the maintenance records and perform physical inspections to fully understand of the condition of the aircraft.

Get sign-off quickly, wherever you are

We travel anywhere in the world to complete inspections, and we're ready whenever you need us.

Component Ratings

C4 Doors and Hatches

ATA 52

C6 Equipment

ATA 25 & 38

Component Ratings

C7 Engine and APU Component removal & inspection

ATA 49, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83

C8 Flight Controls

ATA 27, 55, 57.40, 57.50, 57.60, 57.70

C10 Helicopter-Rotors

ATA 62-64-66-67

Component Ratings

C18 Protection Ice/Fire/Rain

ATA 26-30

C20 Structural

ATA 53, 54, 57.10, 57.20, 57.30

Approved all over the world

We are an EASA Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation. Subject to satisfactory engine borescope inspections, this allows us the privilege of certifying the work we have carried out using EASA Form-1.

  • UK Approval: UK.145.01427
  • EU Approval: EASA.UK.145.01427
  • FAR-145: FAA FSLY857D (Pending)

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