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Specialists in aircraft and turbine-engine inspections

We are specialists in aircraft gas-turbine engine borescope inspections for asset sales and acquisitions, pre-lease inspections and end-of-lease returns, scheduled inspections and worldwide AOG callout.

As part of the Argo MRT Group, we have over 35 years of experience in the aviation industry.

Over 35 years of aircraft maintenance experience.

Ready when you need us.

Full video and written reports included.

We travel anywhere in the world.

Approved all over the world

We are an EASA Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation. Subject to satisfactory engine borescope inspections, this allows us the privilege of certifying the work we have carried out using EASA Form-1.

  • UK Approval: UK.145.01427
  • EU Approval: EASA.UK.145.01427
  • FAR-145 Approval: FAA FSLY857D (Pending)

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Part of the Argo MRT Group

Formed from the Argo Group which was founded in 1988 in Germany, Argo Mobile Repair Team are a best in class provider of premium aircraft services specialising in metallic and composite structural repairs. Our further capabilities offer interconnected support across multiple disciplines to all sectors of the aviation industry.

Our services are delivered through our highly skilled mobile engineers, who on assignment provide a motivated and effective team of specialists focused on the completion of specific and complex projects on behalf of Operators, OEMs, MRO’s, Part 145 and Part 21 organisations.

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